Welcome to Hannu's storehouse of information!

My website focuses on sharing information in Finnish. I have summarised below the essential contents for your reference. Since the online translation tools do not give sufficient assistance so far, you need some basic knowledge of the Finnish language to be able to read my popular online articles and use the related tools.

  • Article on Reitti 2000 which is a hiking route suitable for cycling in the Helsinki metropolitan area.
  • Article on blackjack including a free online training game and the Blackjack TrueCounter card counting tool in English. This guide is suitable for both beginners and andvanced players.
  • Article on Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) including an online calculator based on weather forecast for major cities in Finland. Useful for all outdoor enthusiasts.
  • Article on windchill including an online calculator based on air temperature, wind speed, and your own speed.
  • Further articles: DIY sports drinks, how to navigate with your wrist watch, deep sea fishing, and professional boxing.

Feel free to drop me a line on any subject.

- Hannu